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Use of electric drill and matters needing attention

Use of electric drill and matters needing attention

Aug 29, 2019

1. The metal case should be grounded or zero-connected. The plastic case should be protected from touching, knocking and smashing. It should not be in contact with gasoline or other solvents.

2. When drilling, it is not advisable to exert too much and too much force to prevent tool overload; when the rotational speed is obviously reduced, it should be stabilized immediately to reduce the applied pressure; when suddenly stopping the rotation, the power supply must be cut off immediately.

3. When installing drill bits, hammers or other metal products are not allowed to knock. When holding electric tools in hand, the handle of the tool must be grasped. The tool should not be moved while pulling the soft wires, so as to prevent the soft wires from being scratched, cut and crushed.

4. The smaller workpiece must be fixed firmly before being drilled, so as to ensure that the workpiece does not rotate with the drill bit and ensure the safety of the operator.

5. The air vent (hole) of the shell must be kept unblocked, and attention must be paid to preventing debris and other debris from entering the shell.