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Analysis On The Future Development Direction Of Electric Tools

Analysis On The Future Development Direction Of Electric Tools

Jul 05, 2019

The change of power supply mode and the wide application of new lithium power sources are the trend of development. However, for the time being, it can not replace DC power tools. The main reason is that lithium power has low power, no durability, and can not meet the needs of large-scale and high-intensity construction work. However, the emergence of lithium power tools has brought another change to the current industry. A direction of development.

The popularization of household electric tools is now happening, and the trend is inevitable in the future. This requires the emergence of a multi-purpose machine and the combination of electric tools. These problems are still being solved.

With the continuous innovation of electronic technology, motor technology is also changing, and a qualitative leap is taking place. Slowly, the technology is more advanced, the design is more concise, the use and maintenance is more aspects, and the performance is better.

The emergence of intelligent interactive system is to make electric tools go a step further, make tools become more intelligent development, let them gradually enter the family, affect human life and promote human development.