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Application Of Electric Drill

Application Of Electric Drill

Aug 26, 2019

1. Architecture and Industry

It is widely used in the reinforcement of building beams, slabs, columns, walls, decoration, wall installation, brackets, railings, billboards, air conditioning outdoor units, guideways, satellite receiver elevators, steel structure plant installation, etc.


2. Medical applications

(1) Dentistry:

In the early 20th century, wall-mounted three-arm dental electric drill appeared, with a speed of 4000 r/min or even 10 000 r/min. The three-arm dental drill driven by rope wheel is still widely used as its derivative.

(2) Otology:

Julius Lempert, the father of modern otology, pioneered the use of electric drills in otology surgery in New York in 1938 to treat chronic ear disease and reduce the incidence of facial nerve injury. But the electric drill at that time was difficult to control, and the noise was very large. Modern electric drills and pneumatic drills have greatly increased the rotational speed and cutting ability. The use of fast cutting drills, diamond drills and flushing-suction systems enables otologists to complete accurate surgical anatomy quickly and shorten the operation time greatly.

3. Offshore Flexible Rod Electric Drill

A new type of marine drilling equipment is mainly used for coring and sampling of seabed stratum to explore Marine Geology and mineral resources. First, the French Institute of Petroleum (IFP) developed successfully. It was first used to drill 300-meter and 500-meter boreholes on land. Later, it cooperated with the Soviet Union to drill oil wells up to 3000 meters deep. In 1965, the first offshore test was successful, and the depth of drilling water reached 2500 meters. ECSM offshore flexible rod coring drill is to install flexible rod, electric drill, coring pipe, drill bit and submersible pump on the same rack, drop it to the sea floor with wire rope, power supply from the ship surface by cable and realize remote drilling. The core can be drilled at a depth of up to 100 meters at 500 meters and 3.5 inches can be removed. The machine weighs about 10 tons.