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How To Choose Electric Tools

How To Choose Electric Tools

Jul 10, 2019

(1) First of all, according to their own needs, the difference between professional and general household electric tools is mainly in power. The power of professional electric tools is bigger, the power of general household tools is smaller, the input power is smaller, and the integration of electricity is higher. Moving tools are more convenient to use than products with large volume and single function. Therefore, when choosing power tools with rich functions, compact size, simple structure and easy to accept, it is necessary to select and purchase power tools with clear package, normal appearance, complete plastic parts, no visible silk and dent, no scratch or bump marks. The paint is smooth and beautiful without defect, the surface of the whole machine is free of oil stain and stain, the handle of the switch is flat, the length of wire and cable is not less than 2M. The relevant signs of electric tools are clear, complete, parameters, manufacturers, certificates, etc. All of them have hand-held tools, power supply, frequent operation of switches, so that tools start frequently, observation tools. Whether the on-off function of the switch is reliable or not affects the TV/fluorescent lamp on site, so as to judge whether the tool is equipped with anti-interference suppressor power tool running for 1 minute, feel the vibration and observe the commutation spark, intake and other normal.

(2) Choose the electric tools whose noise is within the allowable range.

(3) Choose electric tools with easy maintenance and accessory.

(4) Choose power tools to pay attention to the power supply voltage used. Generally, hand-held power tools need to provide 22V municipal power as an energy driver. Do not connect 380V industrial power, otherwise it will cause machine damage.