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Production Of Electric Drill

Production Of Electric Drill

Sep 02, 2019

Electric drilling products used in households (called DIY abroad) have lower requirements for service life, work efficiency and processing accuracy, and the number of products is large, accounting for 70-80% of the total electric drilling products. In addition, 30-20% of electric drilling products belong to professional tools, that is, products commonly referred to as "industrial electric tools" in China, which require technology. Higher processing accuracy, reliability (such as one failure time, number of times of damage), service life, performance level (such as torque, coaxiality) and so on are higher than household products.


Dual insulation technology provides a safe, reliable and advanced insulation structure to prevent electric shock accidents for the use of hand-held electric tools, which is the trend of the development of safety technology for electric tools. Since the 1960s, China's electric tool manufacturing industry began to study the application of double insulation in electric tools, and trial-produced prototypes of electric drills and other products. In 1998, the products of double insulation electric tools accounted for more than 90% of the industry's annual output.