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What Are Electric Drill Fittings

What Are Electric Drill Fittings

Sep 04, 2019

1. Drill chuck

Drill chuck is the main part of electric drill tools, accounting for 10% - 15% of the cost of electric drill. There are key drill chucks in common use, and the development and production of light and hand-tight drill chucks have also achieved remarkable results.

An important index of hand-tight and self-tight drill chucks is that the output torque of the chucks can exceed 90% of the input torque.

High-end drill chucks are mainly used in professional electric tools, bench drills and other occasions with high requirements. The demand for high-performance self-locking drill chucks and heavy spanner drill chucks is increasing. The high performance self-locking drill chuck has the characteristics of high precision, high technology content, high added value and high benefit. It is mainly matched with the percussive electric drill of 850W and the direct current percussive electric drill of 24V in the professional electric tools.


Because of the improvement of the quality and performance of electric tools, it is required to drill reliably in the case of vibration and impact. Therefore, matching drill chucks are required to have locking function, which can ensure that the tools such as drills clamped by electric drills are not loosened in use. The global demand for self-locking drill chucks is estimated to be about 19 million by 2010.

2. Characteristics of high-end drill chucks

Hand-tightened and self-tightened drill chucks have advanced performance. The characteristics of drill chucks include:

The clamp shell is made of Engineering plastics, which is light in weight and beneficial to environmental protection; there are also metal clamps with high strength and rigidity; the high coaxiality of the clamp ensures the processing accuracy; the clamp head has hexagonal head, which is very easy to install, fasten and disassemble the clamp; the clamp head has rotary dust-proof sleeve, which can prevent dust and dust when working. Sundries embedded chucks and operators can be used to support the dual role of making the drill chuck work more stable; the chucks are specially hardened and have very high strength. When the drilling force is too large, the drill bit rotates in the chucks, but the chucks will not be damaged.

The chuck has the function of clamping force signal. When clamping the bit or working, when the clamping force reaches a certain value, the clamp emits a "click" sound, which tells the user that the bit has been completely clamped and the tool can be used absolutely safely. With the increase of clamping force, the bit can emit three "clicks", which correspond to three different clamping forces. The bit can be used absolutely safely under any of the three clamping forces.

This clamping force signal can make the drill chuck work in the optimal clamping force and safety state, and can greatly extend the life of the chuck. And the clamping force signal can give users a very good feeling, making it extremely easy to judge whether the chuck has reached the optimal clamping force and safety state, thus avoiding the accidents of insufficient clamping force, slippage of the bit and excessive clamping force damaging the bit.

The chuck also has a dust leak hole, which can leak the dust and debris embedded in the chuck during the working process, thus ensuring the operability of the tool and prolonging the service life of the chuck and the bit.